Sally Painting at Giverny, France
Painting in Giverny, France
Sally is a native of  New Orleans, Louisiana.  
She holds a Master of Fine Arts degree with honors from Louisiana State University, where she majored in Painting, Ceramics, Drawing and Printmaking.  She has also studied at Tulane University, The University of New Orleans, Delaware State University and the University of Maryland.   

Sally has taught art at the Elementary, Middle, High School and University levels.  She was a Visiting Artist at Wesley College in Dover, Delaware and served at Asst. Curator of Educational Programs for Gallier House Museum in New Orleans.  She has taught art overseas for the University of Maryland, City Colleges of Chicago and the DODDS system.  Sally also served as Visual and Performing Arts Specialist for four years at the Mississippi Department of Education in Jackson, Mississippi.

Sally has exhibited her works in Baton Rouge, New Orleans, Germany (Bad Windsheim, Neustadt, Otterberg and Kaiserslatuern) and most recently, Paris, France.
Travels in the U.S., the Bahamas, Mexico and Europe have provided her with  imagery for her works as diverse and colorful as the Cajun and Creole cultures that permeate the city of her birth.  Her artistic talents are multidimensional.  German art critic Wolfgang Grosch wrote:  "her many styles and artistic techniques show that the modern artist can pay tribute to the avant garde while speaking to the masses as well."

From the Artist:

Teaching  and  creating art is a huge part of my life.  I can't remember when I did not want to be an artist.   However for me, to be an artist is not enough.    Once you see the joy of discovery on the face of a student, whether child or adult, you realize that creating art is only part of the journey.   A journey by yourself can be very lonely so bringing others along  to share in the joy of creation opens a whole new realm of possibilities and makes the journey more enjoyable and rewarding.